Loan comparison services were ranked

Good Finance was ranked number one when an independent financial publishing company went through the loan comparison services and ranked them.

Good Finance’s loan comparison was praised for its ease of use and transparency, as an independent financial publishing company,, went through loan comparison companies.

“Good Finance is a service that you should first look at other brokerage services without less.”

Good Finance was rated as the best loan comparison

Good Finance was rated as the best loan comparison

In this article, we received special thanks for always recommending the cheapest loan offer and showing the terms and conditions of the offers clearly broken down. The article also highlighted the best interest rate guarantee we offer on competing loans.

“We are the only operator in Finland that offers a financial guarantee for loan tendering,” says Markus Huhdanpää, CEO of Good Financein.

There are a handful of loan comparison companies in Finland. Loan comparisons, in turn, work with banks and financial institutions to look for loan offers to the customer from their partner selections.

The purpose of loan comparison is to find the best possible financing for the customer, regardless of the use of the loan. We have built our services for the benefit of the consumer and do not favor certain banks or financial institutions.

“The cheapest loan offer always gets the top spot in our comparison,” says Huhdanpää.

The loan comparison must be transparent

The loan comparison must be transparent

The article highlights an important detail of the loan comparison policy. writes as follows:

“However, Good Finance differs from all other brokers in that it offers the best interest rate guarantee, always aiming to offer the cheapest loan. Of course they are promoting this, but Good Finance is the only one who really does. ”

There are currently dozens of marketing websites that look like loan comparisons, but not all of them have any contact with banks or lenders. Some marketing sites serve as feeders to loan comparison companies.

When a consumer chooses to whom they will lend a loan to, it is important to know who is processing the personal data, with whom the loan comparison works and on what basis the loan offer is recommended to the customer. A loan comparison only serves the consumer’s interest when the cheapest alternative is recommended to the consumer.

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